Ubiquiti NanoHD First Impressions

Interested in learning more about the nanoHD in a home network environment?

Ubiquiti NanoHD First Impressions


When I made my outdoor speaker project, I quickly discovered that there are certain places in my backyard which do not have a strong enough WiFi signal for the ideal audio streaming experience with Apple AirPlay. The most problematic location is under my raised deck. I have a walkout basement so the deck is about 9-10ft above the ground. The outdoor speakers are mounted underneath the floor of the deck to make them more discrete and to protect them more from the elements.

While under the deck, my phone struggled to make a consistently strong connection to the wireless access point that is in my upstairs hallway two floors above me. For general purpose use outdoors and even streaming several IP cameras (on low quality settings to run smooth on an older iPad), the WiFi connection was adequate enough. However, for whatever reason, the AirPlay connection would cut out frequently and would sound distorted until a good connection was restored. Perhaps the protocol is more sensitive to fluctuations in the WiFi signal. At least for video, you may not notice a few dropped frames, but with audio if you drop enough data, it will be noticeable.

It may be worth considering the fact that the AirPlay protocol which is free to use was reversed engineered. That could have some impact on the quality of the AirPlay connection. I do not know how well it is reversed engineered. Only the first version of AirPlay was reversed engineered. Would it not be nice if Apple made an AirPlay library available for 3rd parties to use? It would be a good value add for Apple users, in my opinion.

Full disclosure: This quick review is not sponsored by Ubiquiti. However, I thought I would share my experience with the nanoHD so far since I recently earned just enough advertising revenue to purchase the nanoHD. My goal is to always create new content any time I use ad revenue to fund various home network projects so I can give back to the community that made it possible.