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Why Revenue is Important

Creating quality content requires a significant amount of time, effort, and resources. There are expenses involved with web hosting, domain registrations, stock image libraries, software/hardware purchases, and more.

As the Home Network Guy website continues to grow, a steady stream of revenue becomes more important to further the goal of improving the quality of the content as well as expanding into new areas. While some content is sponsored, revenue may be used to purchase other non-sponsored items for review or for how-to guides.

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The primary benefit for all members is an ad-free experience. You no longer need to use ad blockers, the pages load much quicker since ads are not displayed, privacy is improved without ad tracking, and the formatting on the website is much cleaner, which makes for a great user experience.

Future Benefits

The author may create additional tiers in the future or add benefits to existing tiers to provide even more value to subscribers.

One such planned addition is downloadable PDFs for every post on this site. If you would like to have offline copies of any content on this site, stay tuned for that upcoming benefit.

If you have any ideas of offerings you would be willing to subscribe to, please feel free to send suggestions via the Contact form!

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