Privacy Policy

Since this site is statically generated and is not a full blown web application that has a database like Wordpress, I do not collect or store any of your personal information. However, there are a number of third party services that I use which may collection certain types of information. I have listed the services below along with a link to their respective privacy policy pages. If you do not agree with any of the policies below, I will not be offended if you block them. My site will load perfectly fine without any of the third party services. However, I do appreciate if you make use of the services since it helps support this site especially since it is time consuming even for a simple website like this one!

Google Analytics and Google Adsense

I make use of Google Analytics and Google Adsense so that I can monitor the types of users are visiting my website and also to serve a few basic ads in case anyone wants to support this site (again, I don’t fault you for using an ad blocker).

For more information on the types of information Google collects, visit their page:

You may choose to opt out of personalized ads if you go to your Google settings.

Disqus Comments

I use Disqus as my commenting system since it is easy to use and is a built-in feature of the static site generator that I use. Their privacy policy is located at:

Amazon Associates Program

I have applied to be an Amazon affliate/associate so that I may share product links throughout my site for various electronics or other items that I have personally purchased for my home network needs. Any purchases that you make within 24 hours after clicking one of my affliate links will give me a very small percentage. Like any other monetization offers I have on this site, the proceeds will help pay for the domain name registration, hosting fees, hardware (to help produce/maintain this site or perhaps even items that I could review if the budget allows), or anything else needed to help keep the site running. Whatever happens to be left after all that will pay for the time and energy spent producing content for this site and is very much appreciated! The primary reason for creating the site is not to get rich but to share information that may be valuable to anyone working to advance their home network.

The Amazon Associate Program privacy policy is located at:

PayPal Contributions

I have provided a PayPal “tip jar” button for those who wish to show appreciation for any valuable information contained on this site. I am providing a link to PayPal’s privacy policy for those who wish to contribute and would like to know the information PayPal may collect: